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April 2015 –

It seems a long time since I wrote – and 2015 is flying by. This year, I committed to embracing the imperfect; truly accepting – and loving – all the “imperfections” in myself, my loved ones and my life – knowing that everything is already perfect in its imperfection. With this surrender, I can be more present and just allow life to flow along in its sometimes messy way, just as it is supposed to. What a relief.

Everything is flowing along here at The Garden …. We enjoyed a beautiful Heart-Opening Spring Celebration with Wendy back in September, and in November, a delightful tea-tasting lunch with a group from Slow Food Magalies Valley. The Slow Food movement supports local food production, and slowing down enough to enjoy it with friends. With the group, we reflected on our “slow living” philosophy – the values of voluntary simplicity and living more consciously and sustainably.

Our next event is on Saturday May 2nd – celebrating World Labyrinth Day again, by “Walking as One at 1”. Around the globe, people will be walking labyrinths at 1pm in their own timezones, creating a wave of peaceful energy washing across the world. We will meet at 1230pm for tea and introduction, and the walk will be followed by a group picnic catered by Leafy Greens for those who would like to stay on to relax by the river – see sidebar for further details. At this challenging time in South Africa, it is more important than ever for us to walk – and live – as one international community. We should not underestimate the power of small, positive acts to change the world.

The main tea garden is shaping up beautifully with its stunning slate pools and waterfall and shared and private picnic areas … and through many long months of hard, loving work, we are nearing The Garden opening in spring / early summer – dates to be announced soon! We are ready to host your day retreats in our “outdoor” venue – our 12m yoga circle and smaller river picnic spot are suitable for larger / small group work and we can provide veggie snacks/lunches (from Leafy Greens) and juices / teas throughout the day. Please get in touch and we can arrange for a visit to discuss your requirements further!

Please also keep in mind our tea-tasting offering – an extended riverside lunch served with a selection of teas including flower, herbal, health, green and black teas, and accompanied by information about the history and culture of tea-drinking, the tea ceremony, and how the practice of drinking tea can help us to slow down and be more mindful in our daily lives. We are happy to customise to your particular needs, so let us know if you are interested in something a little different for a celebration, corporate event or just an afternoon away from it all!

Please as always get in touch with your suggestions and questions, we love to hear from you.

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