April 2016 –

Our river is beginning to flow again – a beautiful reminder of the cycle of life and its ebbs and flows ….

We are loving this new stage of our journey now The Garden is open every weekend. It has been so special to meet friends old and new over the past few months, and feel a sense of growing community as guests engage with us and with each other. It really feels like the safe space we have envisioned all these years of development, a place where people feel able to share authentically and deeply with each other, and connect with other like-minded, like-hearted individuals. Lunch discussions have ranged from sharing thoughts on our spiritual paths, the importance of bringing up children in nature, eco-building techniques, biodynamic farming – and how surprisingly tasty the vegan food is!

We held a beautiful New Year Opening Celebration with a dedication to The Garden at the end of January, and Wendy joined us again a few weeks ago for a very special Autumn Equinox Celebration. We focused on balancing light and dark, letting go, and accepting the impermanence of things. The morning’s program of hatha yoga, yoga nidra and walking meditation ended with sitting together, sharing experiences by the river. Listening to the sound of the birds and running water, enjoying the scent of the pennyroyal in the air, and the sight of brightly-coloured butterflies and dragonflies flying by.

Now we are entering a new stage of our own family life with the upcoming birth of our baby girl. We have eventually decided to close The Garden after 16th April until the beginning of June so that we can focus on spending this special, sacred time together as a family. So please do take the opportunity to visit us this weekend if you have been meaning to make the trip out! The Garden is a great place for a short day self-retreat – with time to walk the labyrinth, walk and sit by the river, enjoy tea on the tea deck and a simple, nutritious, Ayurvedic vegan lunch. Please contact us to pre-book lunches or feel free to drop in for a juice or tea and to enjoy the retreat facilities.

Our next event is on Saturday 16th April: Mandala Magic – a day of creativity and connection, rest and play. A special day retreat to rest and reconnect with your authentic self, nature and like-hearted people, facilitated by Wendy Young. Please see details in the sidebar.

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “circle.” Even though it contains all shapes, a Mandala has a concentric structure and is a symbolic diagram of unity and harmony. The circular design also symbolises the truth that Life is never ending. We will use objects from nature and co-create the Mandala on the earth. It represents the collective energy, creative expression and state of mind of every participant. What is created is quite magical and unknown! The process of constructing a Mandala takes place with all participants in silence. This allows our creative selves greater expression to come out and play. It absorbs the mind in such a way that chattering thoughts cease and changes our state of consciousness. From this deeper connection to our authentic self, we experience healing and gain insight into ourselves and our lives. Mindful movement through yoga asana (postures) will then connect us deeply with our bodies to integrate the shifts and insight from the Mandala Meditation.

We do hope to see you here over the next couple of weekends – or once we are re-open again in June. Please do continue to let us know your feedback, thoughts and ideas for events and future development so we can continue to develop The Garden as a beautiful sanctuary for us all.


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