We are open for weekend lunches, while weekday lunches and picnics can be accommodated by prior arrangement. Our simple menu consists of tasty, healthy, vegan dishes, with as much produce sourced from our own garden and local farms as possible, with maximum organic produce. All dishes are freshly prepared on the premises.


  • Lunches: We offer a choice of seasonal Ayurvedic dishes, accompanied by fresh salads. Dishes may include: Creamy chickpea and spinach curry; Mung bean and coconut casserole; Sweet potato and red lentil dahl; Roasted vegetables with millet and homemade coriander pesto


  • Juices: Start with the fresh fruit and/or vegetable juice/s of the day – choose one of these vitamin-packed juices to boost your immunity, your liver, or simply your mood!


  • Herbal teas: We serve a wide variety of herbal teas, including those grown on our own property – fresh mint, fresh lavender, fresh lemongrass, Egyptian chamomile, Ginger and Honey, Cinnamon and Clove, tulsi, green teas and many more! Please note we don’t serve coffee but we do offer a selection of delicious organic black teas



Ayurveda is a study of Nature. Our busy, city lives have disconnected us from Nature’s wise rhythms – but by realigning to the rhythms of Nature, we access our innate state of vitality and harmony. That is why it is so important to adjust what we eat in accordance with the seasons. Ayurveda acknowledges that food is medicine and teaches us how to combine foods and spices to bring healing to our unique body-mind constitution (Dosha) and balance the subtle energies of our being. Here at The Garden, we offer simple, delicious and nutritious food that is home cooked and grounding and which supports our spiritual practice and nourishes our bodies and minds.



Our peaceful river picnic spot can be pre-booked for picnics and private parties. The picnic site is shaded and has a table and chairs as well as comfy picnic blankets and cushions. Your picnic bag will be packed according to your selection from our menu, with fresh juices and a big flask of herbal tea, and can be picked up from the teahouse when you arrive.



There is also a grassy area between the teahouse and river where you may choose to relax and eat, and a number of other spots along the river suitable for picnicing.


Please let us know if you are celebrating a special occasion so we can help to create the perfect experience for you!




Our organic waste feeds our garden while non-organic waste is recycled wherever possible.

Retreats and courses

Please check our calendar for details of upcoming retreats and courses. Please contact us if you are a teacher and would be interested in holding retreats with us
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Spa Treatments

We are looking for independent therapists to offer treatments at The Garden - please contact us if you are interested in discussing!
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