The Garden Spa hopes to begin offering treatments soon. In the meantime, guests to the teahouse are able to enjoy our beautiful site and facilities.


Please note we are looking for independent therapists to offer treatments at The Garden – please contact us if you are interested in discussing!



For thousands of years, labyrinths have been used in many different cultures around the world. Walking a labyrinth can be seen as a metaphor for our life’s journey, or a journey to our own centre and back out again into the world, and allows us to find stillness, peace and sometimes answers to our challenges.  Our labyrinth is a Baltic–style labyrinth, built from slate from the land. The Baltic or “Baltic Wheel” labyrinth seemed to evolve in Scandinavia and northern Germany, principally around the shorelines of the Baltic Sea. Many of these old, stone labyrinths are said to have been built by fishermen, who walked through them in the hope of a good catch and a safe return, and they have also been linked to fertility and the birth of new life. This style of labyrinth has two mouths, creating a short and a long entrance giving walkers various options. The centre of The Garden labyrinth is a beautiful spot dotted with rocks and plants where walkers may choose to linger. The labyrinth is 44m diameter and takes about 20-40 minutes to walk slowly. For more information on the labyrinth and suggested ways to walk it: Resources/The Garden/Labyrinth

River and garden walks


The spruit which runs through The Garden is a beautiful place to walk, relax and journal. A beautiful slate path runs from the main teahouse to the river picnic spot, with clearings and benches for sitting, writing and meditating accompanied by the sound of running water and birdsong. Heading back towards the entrance, the grassy path follows the river and has spots suitable for relaxing and picnicing.


Guests are also welcome to follow the additional tracks around The Garden, leading up to the outdoor yoga area and meadow, the labyrinth and meditation circles, and down to the pond at the entrance – please ask us for a map. The Garden is grassland, dotted with indigenous plants and trees including aloes (such as the Transvaal aloe greatheadii and common soap aloe maculata), proteas, haemanthus (haemanthus nelsonii), sagewood (buddleja salvifolia), wild olive (olea africana), poison bulb (boophane distincha), white stinkwood (celtis africana) and wild pineapple flower (eucomis autumnalis). The meadow is an area of cultivated grassland which we are rehabilitating. Species lists of plants and birds are available at The Garden and also here: Resources/The Garden/Species list

Meditation gardens


We are creating 4 linked circular meditation gardens, from slate, rocks and indigenous plants and trees. From the yoga circle, guests are able to walk down through the Zen Garden, Eternity Garden, and Meditation Garden ending at the Time Garden. Each is suitable for 1 or 2 people to relax or meditate.

Outdoor yoga / meditation circle


Our beautiful outdoor yoga circle offers excellent views of the grassland and forest behind the river, and the surrounding pond attracts many birds. This is a lovely place early in the morning or to watch the sunset. We have yoga mats which can be borrowed by individuals or small groups who would like to do their own yoga practice. If you are a teacher interested in running classes or a workshop, please get in touch!



Our bookshelf is stocked with a variety of books covering healthy eating, meditation, yoga and massage therapies, as well as natural building and gardening. Guests are welcome to borrow books to enjoy in the teahouse, on the tea deck or in the grounds. See our list of titles: Resources/The Garden/Book list


Meditation Weekend

We look forward to hosting meditation weekends and courses soon. Please contact us if you are a teacher and would be interested in holding retreats with us
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Spa Treatments

We are looking for independent therapists to offer treatments at The Garden - please contact us if you are interested in discussing!
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