January 2016 –

Happy new year! Wishing you all the very best for 2016 and we look forward to sharing and growing with you this year!

We’re off to a busy start finishing up the teahouse in preparation for our opening celebration on 31st January! An important milestone in our journey after several years of hard work developing the retreat, in many ways this feels like just the beginning and we are open to all the new experiences and learnings that will come with this new chapter …. Please note we are open for teas and lunches every weekend from Saturday 6th Feb – please call ahead to book your table and we really look forward to seeing you here soon!

It feels like mid-summer here – hot and still very dry despite a little welcome rain. We are so grateful to Wendy for her support developing our Ayurvedic summer menu of food with cooling energy to balance the effects of the summer heat and boost our immune systems – and excited to offer our guests delicious dishes such as Creamy chickpea and spinach curry, Mung bean and coconut casserole, Sweet potato and red lentil dahl, and Roasted vegetables with millet and homemade coriander pesto.

Ayurveda is a study of Nature. Our busy, city lives have disconnected us from Nature’s wise rhythms – but by realigning to the rhythms of Nature, we access our innate state of vitality and harmony. That is why it is so important to adjust what we eat in accordance with the seasons. Ayurveda acknowledges that food is medicine and teaches us how to combine foods and spices to bring healing to our unique body-mind constitution (Dosha) and balance the subtle energies of our being. Here at The Garden, we look forward to offering simple, delicious and nutritious food that is home cooked and grounding and which supports our spiritual practice and nourishes our body and mind. We highly recommend Wendy’s cooking courses and website for more info – please see www.wise-living.co.za.

Our New Year Opening Event will take place on Sunday 31st January with Wendy from Wise Living. This all-day event inclues yoga, yoga nidra (deep relaxation), walking meditation, dedication to The Garden, free time for New Year intention setting, walking the labyrinth, relaxing/journalling by the river or enjoying tea on the tea deck. Vegan lunch, fresh juice and herbal teas will be served. Please contact me to book your spot at this very special occasion!

Please see below for other upcoming events – please note the parent/child yoga class and labyrinth walk has been moved from 7th Feb as previously advertised to Sunday 21st February – we do hope you will be able to join us for this one! And please do continue to let us know your feedback, thoughts and ideas for events and future development so we can continue to develop The Garden as a beautiful sanctuary for us all.


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