April 2014 –

It’s been a wonderful start to the year here at The Garden…

As we worked on our labyrinth in Jan-Feb, we were reminded again of the meaning and purpose of labyrinths  ….. For thousands of years, labyrinths have been used in many different cultures around the world. Walking one can be seen as a metaphor for our life’s journey, or a journey to our own centre and back out again into the world – allowing us to find stillness, peace and sometimes answers to our challenges.

Our labyrinth is a Baltic wheel style labyrinth, believed to evolve in Scandinavia and northern Germany, principally around the shorelines of the Baltic Sea. Many of these old, stone labyrinths are said to have been built by fishermen, who walked through them in the hope of a good catch and a safe return, and they have also been linked to fertility and the birth of new life.

DSC_0009   DSC_0129  DSC_0128

Because we have worked with existing natural features, our labyrinth is sloping, so walking each circuit involves some ups and downs ….. and some sections are rocky, while others are smooth ….. and so it reminds us that uphill and rocky sections in life are balanced by downhills and smooth stretches … sometimes all that is required is to maintain awareness and carry on walking ….

Our own excitement about progress developing the labyrinth and meditation gardens was balanced by the delays caused by the extremely heavy rains we had in March …. holding up our planned work program, and creating a lot of extra work and cost as the waters and floods affected our roads and river banks …  Despite the frustrations it can bring, I love living closer to nature and being reminded by this kind of event of its power and our inability to control events. Each time is a lesson in “let-go” and a humbling reminder to surrender to the elements.


Bringing up our baby, now 4 months, has been another lesson in balance and “let-go” for me …. balancing life’s competing demands, the role and intense emotional commitment of being a mother with other roles I play in life ….. and letting go of expectations and my ego’s need to feel “in control” so I can be totally present to little Kai’s needs …. While my formal meditation practice has faltered, I am finding life these days a living meditation, Kai has taught me so much already, and continues to keep me on my toes!


Please do stay in touch; we love to hear your feedback on our newsletter and vision. And check out our invite in the sidebar to walk the labyrinth with us on World Labyrinth Day – please drop me a mail if you’re interested.

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