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September 2014 –

As a still-new mum, it’s hard for me sometimes not to talk about Kai all the time 🙂  I am still     overwhelmed by the miracle of his birth, and of his growth into a strong, determined and endlessly curious 8-month old! Sometimes, I feel terrified contemplating what a profound influence my choices and actions will have on this tiny being I am holding. There are so many “parenting philosophies” these days …. attachment parenting, peaceful parenting, aware parenting, conscious parenting ….. I’ve researched them all in the small hours of the morning ….. but most days, I think it basically comes down to love and intuition.

Perhaps a lot of life comes down to love and intuition. The state of being “in love” is usually associated with romantic love – and romantic love for many of us may be a gateway to that state – in which we walk with a spring in our step, glowing and radiating love for everything and everyone, feeling a sense of loving affection even for the people we find most challenging. Yet this, surely, is our natural state, the state in which we are most whole, most present, and most connected to the divine. (Beyond “in love”, in fact, we arelove; I feel this intensely with Kai at times.) When we live in this state, our intuition naturally guides us; and we feel fearless and free of the need to over-analyse our decisions and path. Life flows …

We are celebrating love in our upcoming Heart Opening SpringCelebration at The Garden on Sun 21st Sept – see sidebar for details. We are thrilled to welcome Wendy from Wise Living back to The Garden after we shared a beautiful Winter Solstice Celebrationtogether here in June (thanks everyone who joined us – what a special and memorable occasion). Wendy will be leading us in Hatha yoga practices focused on opening the heart and a guided meditation to facilitate letting go of mental/emotional accumulations; and we will share a labyrinth walk, tea in the Zen meditation garden, gratitude candle ceremony at the water’s edge and a vegetarian lunch catered by Leafy Greens at the river picnic spot.

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, 7 days before and after theSpring Equinox is the transition time to slowly make the changes necessary to effortlessly and gratefully welcome the new season. Now is the time to melt away that which has built up in the winter and clear excess heaviness and toxicity from our bodies, hearts and minds so that we may feel light, refreshed and renewed … Angus and I just did our first weekend juice fast in a while and it was wonderfully energizing …. it’s a great time for a springcleanse/detox, getting active again after the winter months, or clearing out the clutter in our homes and offices – clearer spaces really do allow for clearer minds.

The winter months at The Garden have been busy as ever, building and planning and connecting … and our yoga/meditation circle and Zen garden are looking beautiful! – check out some recent photos on our Facebook page. We welcome the spring and all the new developments, friendships and special moments it will bring in our journey – and we look forward to sharing some very exciting news with you very soon!!!

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