Shared, sustainable living


It has been a long-held dream of ours to build a permanent community here at The Garden, where we can live sustainably, in harmony with nature, sharing spiritual practice, food, hard work and special moments – while still maintaining everybody’s private, personal space.


Our vision is a small community of families, long-stay and short-stay guests and volunteers, with off-grid eco-houses built using non-conventional building techniques and alternative energy sources, and in line with a philosophy of “voluntary simplicity”. Over time, the community will become a demonstration and training centre for eco-building.



Connection and celebration


A shared central facility will be used for group meals, and we will use The Garden yoga circle and facilities for shared spiritual practice every morning, followed by juice or breakfast together. During the days, people will be free to follow their own pursuits, working an agreed number of hours per week for the community, according to each individual’s unique skills. We will produce our own vegetables, and – as a primarily vegetarian community – will keep livestock for eggs and dairy produce. The community will also manage accommodation for yoga/meditation retreats, and hiking trails and picnic spots for guests.


We will welcome weekend visitors in the central guesthouse, and short stays and volunteer placements will also be available. We will celebrate weekend evenings together with bonfires, music, dancing, full-moon labyrinth walks/meditations etc. We will also connect with the nearby local community and provide support with vegetable production and other community projects TBC, including a proposed “Peace Garden”.

Making it happen


This might suit you if you ….

  • Have experience living in alternative ways (e.g., traveling, ashram life, camping) and are able to embrace the principle of “voluntary simplicity” – our eco-houses will be small and simple, and high-usage electrical appliances need to be kept to a minimum due to solar power supply
  • Aren’t afraid of hard work in the garden and getting your hands dirty!
  • Have transportation, or have the means to earn an income working part-time from home (a few opportunities for paid work at The Garden teahouse/spa will exist)
  • Have an existing spiritual practice, and want to share spiritual practice (yoga, meditation, silence, discussion) regularly
  • Want to share regular (e.g., 2x/weekly) vegetarian community meals
  • Are willing to work 6-12 hours per week for The Garden and/or the community, e.g., in the veg patch, cleaning out the chickens, in the café/shop, cooking, cleaning, maintenance of buildings/garden, treatments at the spa, leading workshops, yoga lessons etc. – and bring relevant skills
  • Are able to make an upfront investment
  • Are looking to make such a move in the next 2-5 years but are ready to commit and begin work on it now
  • Have an open mind and an open heart and are willing to learn and work through conflicts and challenges together



Skills required (provisional):

  • Natural vegetable, fruit and grain production
  • Livestock – dairy cattle / poultry
  • Indigenous nursery management
  • Building, carpenter, plumber
  • Mechanic
  • Vegetarian cooking
  • Yoga /meditation teachers
  • Legal
  • Sales/marketing
  • Conflict resolution / facilitation



Interested? We would love to hear from you and discuss further! Please email or call us on 076 931 5600!